At the heart of any and every business, the goal is to make money by selling products and services. Goods and services are sold through marketing-   the force that drives sales.

Marketing is about engaging customers in a conversation and keeping the conversation going. This involves carefully preparing and supplying customers with relevant and well designed and packaged information about products and services. Marketing means developing interesting content- the kind they don’t know, the kind that whets their appetite to consume your product or service, the kind they will be excited to share with a friend or two. In recent times, social media has come with a bang. It is one of the best platforms to engage customers especially millennials. This can come in the form of a strategically and intentionally produced short video, humorous gimmicks, infographics, or any other form.

To engage customers and sustain the engagement with them, you’ve got to be a reputable organization. For any business to grow and enjoy life, it thrives on positive reputation held by its clients and stakeholders. So, any marketing stunt ought to be geared towards building the reputation of the given brand. Among the viable stunts to engage in include but not limited to: effective and well thought through communication, branding, effective Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility. Some practitioners just implement these strategies for the sake of ticking off their “to do list” without considering the impact it will make.

Does your business carry out marketing research on a number of areas including consumer behavior? If well done, it will be a two edged sword in all endeavors to meet customer needs, building and maintaining trust and customer loyalty.

Effective marketing strategies ought to focus on providing additional information on usage and maintenance, lodging complaints, possibility of returning products that have a problem, nutritional value of the product, available discounts and so much more. This is two-fold:  It creates brand awareness and portraying the business as a “caring partner”. When this well done, it will create a group of customers who will become brand ambassadors even without the business knowing or paying them.

Don’t be deceived, every business has its unique problems but most will rotate around: what, when, for whom and how much to produce. To have all the Answers for these puzzles, you need a vibrant marketing machinery to aid decision making in these areas.

If you need services in these areas and more, please contact Rehot Brand Masters. You will witness an almost immediate change in the way your business improves. We are a team of shrewd and experienced marketers who will be your caring partner at all times.