Who we are

Rehot Brand Masters is a fully-fledged registered Communications and Marketing Agency that partners with brands, companies, individuals, businesses and others to help them define and achieve their strategic Public Relations goals through branding and corporate consulting services.

At Rehot Brand Masters, we purpose to inspire and engage the hearts and minds of our clients. We help brands maximize their potential and reach their goals. We Propel brands through curated and controlled content, collaborations, profiling and strategic Public Relations campaigns. We integrate traditional and digital media techniques to deliver the right message to the right people for the right results. Utilize our deep skill set of PR-leading team of story-tellers, social media influencers, for outreaches, and activations, in order to disseminate and optimise your brand messages.


To be recognized as the most innovative, dedicated and productive marketing and integrated Communications and Marketing Agency in Uganda.


To provide compelling, effective and results-driven Communications and Marketing counsel and services in Uganda

Core Values

Our culture is built on the core values of:

(i) Innovation

We are constantly imagining and investing in the future, always going where others aren’t, can’t or won’t. Innovation continues to drive and infuse everything we do. We break through the target’s mindset and ignite a brand relationship.

(ii) Professionalism

 Our daily engagements with our clients exhibit good conduct, courtesy and goodwill.

(iii) Integrity

We exhibit an uncompromising loyalty to strong moral and ethical principles and values. We believe in being different and independent, but remaining true to our clients’ objectives.

(iv) Strategic Thinking

We think through problems to determine the best solutions and strategies. It is a distinct approach to choose the best path on our journey to deliver meaningful results.

(v) Credibility

We pride ourselves on a strong bond with our clients, understanding their needs and delivering exceptional services to earn their trust.